Learning A Foreign Language

written by mr337 on 2016-03-24

I have been trying to learn Spanish for years. Even worse, its my mothers native language. :(

Fast forward to today, I feel like progress is being made and would like to share what has and has not worked.


First and foremost learning a foreign language is a lot of time and commitment. Its even harder if you ...

Unmaned Robotic Mower - Navigation Part 2

written by mr337 on 2016-03-24

Continuation from Naviation Part 1

New Hardware

After a week the additional additional NS-HP GPS receiver came in.

Later that evening, programmed one NS-HP as base and used a 180s survey for a rough position that then became static. The other NS-HP ...

Unmaned Robotic Mower - Navigation Part 1

written by mr337 on 2016-02-05

Having been thinking about how all these should go together I've started mapping out the different parts of required systems for URM (Unmaned Robotic Mower).

Heads Up

This post is about Navigation. The first part will be getting high ...

Linux Mapping Unknown Keys

written by mr337 on 2016-01-16

I recently received a Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 3. Using this with xmonad, a lot of the special/multimedia keys do not work. Using other DMs such as Gnome or KDE take care of this and provides a built in utility to maps keys.

Using Xmonad I needed to map these myself, def a learning experience. Links below explain how to discover why a ...

Unmanned Robotic Mower

written by mr337 on 2016-01-16

For Christmas I got an Arduino electric kit as a gift. Soon I was working through the tutorials making good progress. It wasn't too long afterwards I was like like "What else could I build?".

For new things I usually like to test the waters and do a bunch of research before going further. With the Arduino it was quite the opposite. ...

Arch Linux on X1 Carbon Gen 3 (2015)

written by mr337 on 2016-01-15

With luck my employer gave me the option to replace my Mac with a newer MacbookPro or a Linux laptop. Jumping on the opportunity I selected a Lenovo X1 Carbon, 3rd generation (X1C3).

I was torn between a Linux XPS 15 or the X1C3. Having a lot of luck with Linux on IBM Thinkpads and getting good reviews I decided to take the plunge. ...

Relavency of the Travel Agent

written by mr337 on 2015-12-15

Navigating the travel industry between air travel, resorts, and cruises is not fun. To be honest I'd rather pay someone to do it. Its just not worth my time, and maybe an independent travel agent could help?

Being a fan of cruises I've been following /r/cruises on Reddit. I see a lot of posts about online booking such as VacationsToGo ...