Arch Linux on X1 Carbon Gen 3 (2015)

written by mr337 on 2016-01-15

With luck my employer gave me the option to replace my Mac with a newer MacbookPro or a Linux laptop. Jumping on the opportunity I selected a Lenovo X1 Carbon, 3rd generation (X1C3).

I was torn between a Linux XPS 15 or the X1C3. Having a lot of luck with Linux on IBM Thinkpads and getting good reviews I decided to take the plunge. During my wait to get to me was a bit more relieved when I found the Arch wiki page [1] saying everything works.

Now that I have received the unit I can gladly confirm. Its a shame Lenovo doesn't ship these with a flavor of Linux such as the Dell Sputnik models. While I applaud Dell on shipping Linux laptops, I <3 my XPS13, everything on X1C3 works with Linux +4.0 kernel. I spent more time configuring Xmonad that I did installing Arch on it.

My only beef I have is the X1C3 keyboard doesn't have multimedia keys. F9-F12 seem to be for Windows things like metro view? I had to remap those to work with Spotify. I'll have a later post on how to discover keys and working with Xmonad.

Overall my impression has been great. I'm getting around 7-8 hours of usage on single charge.

[1] - Lenovo X13 Arch Wiki